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Press Release Distribution 
Increase your SEO, traffic, and customers with PR Marketing 

 Set up your high converting Campaign from scratch or customize an existing ad structure.  

Social Media Growth
Set up Complete successful high converting ads for Meta / Instagram ect.


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New Age marketing is here  Digital Marketing done  the right way!


Powerful Technology

The most powerful analytic data research and experts  ad(s) setup is miles ahead of the rest. 


Long-Lasting Results



Get results that last longer than just a few weeks, we don't just focus on the moment, we focus on the future. You'll always be ahead of your competitors. Get longer-lasting traffics and sales.


Budget Base Price

One-size packages are not ideal for every business, we will offer your prices based on your budget with build your own packages.


Top-Notch Customer Service

Got a new idea to add, unlike other agencies we believe in working together to gain higher results. Our Experts will remain in constant communication with you during the entire service. Get a fast reply from our experts anytime during your service with us.

Strategic plans with top AI Technologies 

GEO Location and Target Audience


High Conversion rate with fewer ads spend is our expertise 

Get High results Receive long-lasting traffic, sales, and awareness to your business 

Create Strategic plan: 
We will create a high converting  campaign base on your business using AI analysis and research

Set Consultation: 
Contact us to receive a consultation about your business  

 We know... we all have paid thousands of dollars into promotions and trying to follow the tricks and trends of advertisements marketing. But yet no sales or even worse no traffic nor recurring potential clients. That’s where Resolutions DMA comes in. We help you beat your competitors while exceeding your sales goals. We use AI and other most relevant and successful tools through our program to grow your business.

Resolutions DMA

Most important part of running ads is research and strategic plans

Strategic plans with top AI Technologies 


We take pride in your success 

The first step is to understand your niche and what’s actually selling, and what your potential clients are looking for. Creating high-quality graphics and understanding where your clients are is an essential part of planning your campaign. We use the best marketing tools to understand each piece of content and how they are doing in the marketplace and why they are doing how they’re doing. By understanding the analytics of the content you can tell which content works well with your clients and which content doesn’t also why they don’t, so you know exactly how to make the next one better. Remember the only trick to advertising is understanding your competitors and your client's needs, not what other marketers out there are trying to convince you of. At Resolutions DMA we take pride in your success and guarantee you to see more traffic, followers, and sales with the high-tech marketing tools and strategies that we offer.