Family Law Agencies 

-  Get on Google front page
-  Obtain & retain high customer retention 
-  Marketing automation: Retargets, emails, posts, etc

-  CLM Tool

CRM) tool

-  Establish client relationship

-  Press release
-  Increase business traffic, sales, and potency

Personal Injury Lawyer 

Resolutions DMA puts you in front of your potential clients whereever they are when they seek your service(s). We can help you increase your business marketing ROI.

Criminal Defense Law Agency

Your marketing plan and strategies should be uniquely targeted to your potential client in mind.

Real Estate Law Agency 

Let us help you beat your competitors, by attracting new customers and turn those leads to sales.

Immigration Lawyer

The old way to reach your customers are not as sustainable as before, let us market your business with AI proven unique strategies that works for your business 


Marketing Made for Law businesses 

We offer many tools, and analysis reports data for your niche to give your the best results without spending much.

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Employment & Labor Law Agency

there’s a high chance your ad(s) campaigns can be improved to decrease your Cost Per Click (CPC) and give you a better ROI (return on your investment).

Medical Malpractice  Lawyer 

Unlike other marketing companies  we recognize what your competitors are not doing.  We understand the success of your law firm marketing campaign is the capability to observe things with a unique  perspective, that's different from your competitors. 

civil litigation lawyer  

Strategic analyses of your business  marketing and performance data which empower you to adjust your budget on trusted strategies and tactics that work for your business.

 General Practice Lawyer 

Our experts will conduct and review a complete analysis of your website from speed, to content, and Seo. Before we create a strategic marketing plan.