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How We Work

Book For Consultation

Contact us today to recieve a consultation for your business. Our experts are experienced in every niche, and do extreme research and analysis on all niches we services. 

Get personalized Budget prices 

Unlike other Companies we understand one packages plans don't fit for everyone, and every business have variety of goals and budget. We Personalize your plan base on your business goal(s), budget, and AI Analytics strategies and tools best for your business.

Recieve Long Lasting Results

Get the best result for your ROI without breaking your bank.


Get results that last longer than just a few weeks, we don't just focus on the moment, we focus on the future. You'll always be ahead of your competitors. Get longer-lasting traffics and sales.

Google Ad(s)


Facebook/Instagram Ad(s)


Press Release  Distribution 

 Set up your high converting Campaign from scratch or edits
Set up a complete successful high converting ads from scratch or edits
Increase your SEO, traffic, and customers with PR Marketing 

Our Services

We provide services to small and midsize businesses to get to the next level

SEO Optimization

Gain organic discovery, traffiC, ROI 

Business consulting & Management 

Providing Professional  Marketing dvice or customized full management of your business  marketing  

Geo Location

 Optimize your ad(s) with specific Location of your targeted audiences. 

At Resolutions we understand you really just want to focus on your business. You’re not trying to stress about contents for your social media, advertising, visibility, and sales related conflicts. That’s where we come in. We handle all your business needs so that you can focus more on the fun and important part...your business! I know... we all have paid thousands of dollars into promotions and trying to follow the tricks and trends of advertisements marketing. But yet no sales or even worse no traffic nor recurring potential clients. That’s where Resolutions DMA comes in. We help you beat your competitors while exceeding your sales goals. We use AI and other most relevant and successful tools through our program to grow your business. Understanding your niche and what’s actually selling, and what your potential clients are looking for is the first step. Creating high quality graphics and understanding where the ads goes ( where your clients are) is the second part.  Marketing moves fast and the tools and tactics that worked yesterday may not work today. If you aren't moving forward, you're falling behind. We're here to help you find the gaps, connect the dots, leverage your resources, and position yourself for success. We use the best marketing tools to understand each content and how they are doing in the marketplace and why they are doing how they’re doing. By understanding the analytics of each content you can tell which content works well with your clients and which content doesn’t also why the don’t so you know exactly how to make the next one better. Remember the only trick to advertising is understanding your competitors and your clients needs, not what other marketers out there is trying to convince you of. At Resolutions DMA we take pride in your success and guarantee you to see more traffic, followers, and sales with our high tech marketing tools and strategies that we offer.  No engagement is the same and no one billing model works perfectly all of the time. We take a unique approach to each client and determine the billing model that provides a win-win for both your business and our agency. Whether you simply needs paid search advertising on Google or a looking for an outsourced marketing department, we've got you covered.


Let us exceed your competitors on google SERP With our SEO Optimization Service

SEO is one of the fundamental part of a successful website. SEO helps attract your customers and potential customers. Rather its keywords, backlinks, or any other SEO related needs, we are the experts for you. With the competition to reach costumers growing more competitive everyday the better your SEO is the more ahead you are of your competitors, and with our high results AI technology, analysts, and research we guarantee a long lasting profitable result for your company.  

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