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Account-Base Marketing & How it works

What is account-based marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) centers on discovering ways to engage with users from targeted accounts based on your ideal customer profile (ICP: A description of the type of company/ business/ blog/ website/ and or page that would produce the most profit from your product or solution. These companies tend to have the most expeditious, most prosperous sales cycle, the most transcendent customer retention rates, and the highest number of customers for your brand. ). For example, using an influencer page or a blogger page to advertise your business services or product would be account-based marketing.

The Importance Of Account Base Marketing

By 2021 the power of social medial and its influence on marketing has taken business and consumers to another level. There are many ways to market your business on social platforms from Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, Linked In, and many others. Many of these platforms host accounts that have thousands to millions of followers. Many of those followers tend to get advice from the account, from ideas, products, tips, and other recommendations. Businesses collaborate with these accounts to get posted as recommendations for the followers to either buy, signup, or go to the business website or social page. Businesses gain traffics, sales, following, backlinks, credibility, and many other benefits from these accounts.

Types of Account

There are many types of accounts from Pinterest pins, LinkedIn posts, Instagram, Facebook, and a variety of other accounts. Businesses can also get blog websites that have many visitors as an account to collaborate with. Facebook & Instagram accounts offer a variety of ways to market business services, products, pages, and or websites. From the post, stories, reels, to link in bio, click the link in stories, product connection in the post and so many new ways to come, that expand business and accounts to collaborate. An account with high traffics and engagements such as blogs base on specific topics, or an influencer page that promotes specific niches are great profitable accounts for businesses to work with.

Many companies such as fashion nova, amazon, Fenty Beauty, Apple, old and new start-up companies are using account-based marketing as one source of marketing strategy in their marketing plan. Companies such as Fashion Nova, Fenty, and other retail companies use influencers and blogs accounts to recommend and promote their website and products. Companies such as Apple, Wish, Amazon, and other services like companies majority use media pages and blogging websites accounts to promote their business. Base on your business the type of account you need may differ from other businesses.

How To Find The Right Account

Finding the right account can be tricky for many reasons. From finding accounts with high following that also has high engagements, the contents of the account relating to your business, to communicating with the account owner and forming a deal with them. Before looking for an account understand Your ICP (ideal customer profile ). Where is the account hosted ( Facebook, Instagram, a website blog, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc), Location of the account (New York, California, Florida, Philadelphia, etc), what type of customers you want the account to have, how many following should the account have, what is your ideal budget, how long do you want them to promote your content, and have your content ready. When you have your ICP figured out you can either use services that provide finding these accounts or finding them individually by researching yourself. Resolutions DMA are experts in planning and executing your account base marketing with a high ROI in return.

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