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How are Businesses Finding Customers After Covid-19?

COVID has impacted many businesses on how they reach their customers. With social media algorithms changing every day, new tools and tricks going in and out, and so many social sites to reach your customers how are you reaching them?

Resolutions DMA Audience Targeting
Resolutions DMA Audience Targeting

There are many elements to finding customers for your business, from ads, and word of mouth, to creating and going to social events to promote your business. But with Covid and the world shutting down reaching customers has become extremely tactical and changes every day. With so many changes from financial, social, and technology, to human behavior what are other businesses like yourself using to find your customers?

The key to attracting your potential customers

“Know your customers like you know your business ”

Do you know your customers? Yes, I know weird question right? Of course, you know who your customers are, but do you really know them like you know your business niche? No, I'm not talking about their personal business, I'm talking about knowing the basics about your customers as if you were their friends.

Where are your customers?

“Your ads should be wherever your customers are not where you think they might be”

Are your customers majorly home, work, or school, do they go to local social events, the park, often in their car? On Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, blog sites, Tiktok, or other places? Knowing where your customers are will help you target them and know how to target them. For example, if most of your customers are in their vehicles most of the time running radio and billboards ads are great ways to reach them. While a business whose customers are working or in school should run online ads due to many of their customers are most likely on their phones during their break. With Covid, many customers are at home, and on social platforms, you can run ads on all platforms which is more beneficial but costly. Finding the right social platform to run ads more ideal for startup companies or companies that are new to the internet and social world, due to the connivance and expenses.

Which Platform to use?

With so many online sites and social platforms to access potential customers, it can become hectic and complicated to know which platform to use. This brings us back to knowing your customers. Because if you know your customers you'll know which to use. For example, a business that its customers aged 16-25, goes to school, like music, and is constantly on their social platforms should run ads on Instagram, YouTube, and blogs about issues that youths follow on social platforms. A business that's its customers are moms, ages 35-50, works, and like to read blogs but don't use social platforms should focus on running ads on websites with blogs about topics that your customers would go to read, parent pages, posts, and blogs, billboards, even run ads on other apps like Audible, dating apps, and game apps.

Tell me about your customers

If I was to ask you to tell me about your customers what would you say? What are their favorite colors, and what are their hobbies? What's their age group, places they like to go, if they could win a raffle what would it be for, what's their favorite season, birthday, anniversary, do they have a pet, do they have kids, do they travel a lot, and what social platform do they use the most? I'm sure some questions you're probably wondering how you would know this and why it would matter. You can know these questions by researching your niche type of customers ( ex: finding competitor customers and using them as your analysis ), analyzing your customer data, and asking customers questions in reward form. The importance of knowing these questions is that it helps reach your customers through targeted ads instead of running a broad ad, save more money, and reach the right people. It also helps you know when, where, and how to reach each customer, which can help save you a whole lot of money on marketing. You can find out those Information through research and asking customers.

What do Your customers have in common?

Now that you know your customers now it's time to group them into separate categories based on commonalities. This helps you run different ads and emails with different content to attract each customer. By targeting and creating personalized contact for those customers you can turn leads into sales, which all so spend less on ads, creating higher ROI. What do your customers have in common? Are they parents, the same age group, same birthdays, anniversaries, parents, single, business people, females, or males? The more you know about your target customer's commonality you'll know where they hang out, to target them directly. You'll also e able to set planned emails for each group of customers based on their commonality. For example, if they all have the same birthday you can schedule an email that gives them a discount on that day for those people. Another example is if most of your clients are mothers, targeting mommy blogs, videos, and other kids' or parents-related pages would be a good place to gain higher sales results.

I know that's a lot to find out, Let Resolutions DMA find out all those Information, set up, and manage your ads for you. While you focus on the part that you like, your business.


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