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The Importance of Updating Your Business Website/ Page

Many companies update their social post, services, and products, but rarely ever update their actual business website or pages. There are many beneficiaries for updating your business Website and pages. Let's talk about them.

Do you update your business page and/or website?

“Treat your customers like you would want to be treated, don't you like new content? Would you go looking at something that has the same content all the time? Would you buy or service from a business site that looks old?”

Updating your website should be as important as updating your phone apps. without updates, they don't work as well as they use to and sometimes might not work at all.

Customers like seeing new content

How often do you update your website/page? Customers like seeing the new content. For some business niches changing up your website themes, page design, graphics, videos, and other content can help lead to higher customer engagement. Having new content on your business page or website is not only great for engaging with your current customers but also great for SEO traffic for your website and great for discovering new customers on your social sites. Creating new content and adding keywords (website/social platforms) or hashtags (social platforms) is a great way to boost your business traffic and sales and spend less. The more keywords and hashtags that lead to your business the better, so creating new high-quality content frequently is ideal for all businesses.

Content and trend

“Creating content that pertains to your consumer and trends is a highly effective way to improve leads into sale.”

Knowing your business trend and the current trend involving your customers are highly important to creating and updating your business website and pages. for example, a business that sells skincare products might want to update its website based on trending skincare tips in their blogs, and new SEO words on each page base on current skin issues. A company that niche is fashion may want to update their website based on current color trends, types of clothing styles blogs, and updated photos. A business that helps patients with their health should have updated content on health issues related to their services, and current health-related information that would drive traffics to the website /page.

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